Pregnancy Update-Week 30

I have been a bit quiet on the blog recently other than posting some recipes, and that is just a reflection of the busy-ness that is going on in our lives right now! We are fully into the Spring Semester of the school calendars and when asked how far along I am in this pregnancy I often have to refer to my iPod Apps in order to answer accurately! Yes, truly I do not keep track every single day and the time seems to be flying by with that approach. I kinda like it that way!
Here’s the latest on where we are…
How far along? 30 Weeks, EDD week of May 20th, specifically May 23rd but ya’ never know!

Total weight gain: 25-ish pounds
Maternity clothes? absolutely! I can fit in some Medium T-shirts for casual days around the house and certain of my layering tanks are working great for stretching the limited professional wardrobe I have. There are still one or two of my regular A-line tops that fit great!
Stretch marks? nothin’ yet-expecting them in the coming weeks though as we finish out the last 10!
Sleep: ANY time I can! 3rd Trimester tiredness has certainly kicked in and I just feel so sluggish some times.
Best moment this week: Playing “flashlight” tag with Maddy! Yes-babies at this state of gestation can see and respond to stimuli such as light, noise, etc.
Miss Anything? Hugs…if you know me, you know this means I am touch-deprived most days. Hugs with the Maddy-belly in the way are just a little less than satisfying. Sleeping on my tummy. And yet again, exercise! I just want to have an awesome workout, go to a Spin Class, sweat through my workout gear…yeah, I miss it!
Movement: All the time! This girl is quite active and it’s especially fun now that she is responding to things. Weird though now that she is strong enough that it feels like I have a force working against me sometimes. I literally feel like there is a part of my body launching itself in another direction.
Food cravings: few weeks back it was chicken fried chicken/steak, last week a THICK beef burger, and strawberries (at least strawberries are in-season now and LUSCIOUS!) *lemon things are still on the top of the favorite list though…this girl will flip for lemon yummies!
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope-had a few moments but nothing that a nibble of ginger didn’t fix nearly instantly.
Labor Signs: Notta
Symptoms: emotions up and down, skin-sensitivity and breakout, exhaustion, leg cramps, nerve pain and mild arthritis-type sensations in my joints
Belly Button in or out? half-n-half!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, just the tiredness and then not being able to think straight that may come across as moody but I think I’ve been pretty even-keeled overall.
Looking forward to: maternity leave, labor and delivery, and meetin’ this girl God has for us to raise!

Must share pregnant story: This one comes from the Korean side…
I have actually been blessed to go through the bulk of this pregnancy during the winter here because as a western woman, I am automatically built larger than the Asian women. So, while the women in my expatriate community have commented on how small I am so far, many Koreans would think I am about to pop!
Last week I was overseeing a team of Korean workers, one of whom was quite chatty and inquisitive about EVERYthing. He wasn’t rude, just curious. At one point (we had already conversed over several topics by this time) he asked me if I was cold. It was a slightly warmer day (AKA-not freezing), but we were in a building with no heat so I had my winter coat on. I promptly replied, (in Korean) “No, I’m fine.” He gave me a funny look and kind of muttered to himself, (in Korean) “But you’re dressed so thickly.” Yes, he used the term “thickly” and it took me a moment to realize what he meant. I smiled to myself as I realized that I am much “thicker” than normal with not just my coat on, but the extra “baby” layers!
It was about 10-15 minutes later that he came back by and asked, (in English) “Baby?” I smiled and replied, (in Korean) “Yes!” He proceeded to ask how far I was and predicted that I was having a girl based on how I was carrying and walking. I told him it was a girl!
This sweet man was officially the first stranger to ask if I was pregnant and I was at 29 weeks!

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