Prego Moment

I have to say that for the most part I am thoroughly enjoying this brief season in life-it is so quick and happens without me really even having to think about it or put mental energy into it. Although, my brain is certainly gone and I have felt like my mind is gone…never before have I left ingredients out of recipes, lost so much stuff, or either think I have done something when I haven’t or vice versa! At least I can check my “sent” email to see if I already communicated something.

One thing I was reflecting on recently was that our daughter’s movements have become such a natural part of my daily life. I can see how people get so consumed with the baby growing in their womb and have withdrawals after the baby arrives. I wish that Mason (and so many other people) could experience what I do for so much of my day! It is incredibly surreal and delightful. As much as I am sure it will be strange for Maddy not to be moving inside of me in a few months, I cannot wait to have her moving where we can see her, where her Daddy can hold her and embrace the squirms, and where so many others who love her and are praying for her can experience the joy that she brings me throughout these precious days.

I am certainly enjoying my Maddy Bump while I have it.


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