Happy 21st Birthday!

To my one and only red-headed sibling…

Dear Morgan Elizabeth,

I have since February 4th, 21 years ago today, been in love with your name.

I had not looked up your names meaning until now (since I am expecting my own little one and Mason and I are infatuated with the meaning behind a name we would give our child it seemed appropriate to research yours).

I found that Morgan means “circling sea or great brightness” while Elizabeth means “my God is a vow”. As I reflected on the name Mom and Dad gave you and the experience of your life and death, a few different thoughts struck me:

  • I am sure that for our parents (I know this was true for Megan and I) the experience of your few short days with us felt like a circling sea; and not the good kind. The kind that engulfs you with tumultuous storm waves, dark clouds overhead. Yet, through that storm was great brightness or light.
I vividly remember telling my kindergarten class and Mrs. Brunk about my new little sister, “Morgan Elizabeth”…and just days later you were gone. I don’t remember trying to explain your absence to them after, but I do remember Valentine’s Day and how you were gone by then.
  • God has taught our family that He is indeed a vow-a promise to each of us. He was faithful to each of us every moment of the days you were taking breaths with us as well as before and since then!

21 years-that is so much more than a lifetime for so many. 21 years that every February I come to your birthday and look back, remembering the vow our Lord has become to me.

Each year it is a bit different…for several years our family had a special fancy dinner to celebrate your birth. I looked forward to those meals and remembering you!

Then there was the year I was 15 and wanted to wear this awesome blue nail polish for Spirit Week at FCS. Dad messed with me, asking me how you would like me dressing up for Spirit Week with blue nails on your birthday. I argued that you would want me to soak life up to the fullest and if that meant blue nail polish, so be it! Haha!

This year I will be without my family for the day because Mason is Assistant Coaching and has an away game while our parents and siblings are all stateside. I won’t get to go to your grave today, but I was so blessed for Mason to go with Dad and I last fall and for him to share in your story with me.

You are missed, and yet I am so thankful for the way God used you in my life to show me His great light and enduring vow!


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