Pregnancy Update-Week 23

We are well into our 2nd trimester now, actually nearing the start of the 3rd-wow! I feel like I am nearing the point of a “general” countdown to when I will take maternity leave (not the EDD-that’s just silly for me to plan for). Getting to January seemed like a worthy goal and now January is on the downhill too. It’s amazing how quickly the time flies. As of this week we are just over 4 months until Maddy makes her grand arrival. That’s great and overwhelming to think about, but we are focusing on the GREAT around here!
It’s about time that I give you another update so here goes…
How far along? 23 Weeks, EDD week of May 20th

Total weight gain: 13-15 lbs.
Maternity clothes? exclusively in bottoms but still using a few select tops that I have chosen as “stretch”-worthy (not to be worn again in “regular” fitting seasons. 🙂
Stretch marks? nope-but that silly vertical line on my belly showed up in the last week!
Sleep: Oh, boy…while I was on Christmas break I slept great, but I also had the privilege of sleeping in and/or taking naps so I didn’t feel how tired I was or how well I was NOT sleeping. It was about that time that I really started gaining weight (and feeling it) since lil’ miss had finished her mid-pregnancy growth spurt. For me, this meant that I would wake up every 2 hours with numbness in my hip and shoulder joints on whichever side I was sleeping. By the time I went back to regular hours at work last week, it quickly went to waking up every hour and of course I had little time for naps to catch up! Praise God for Melanie (one of our MBA staff) and her generous offering of her spare feather-topper for our bed. I have been sleeping so well since the night we put it under the sheet.
Best moment this week: little Korean stopping to peer at what Lauren was doing hanging over a fence with her camera (shooting me and the Maddy-belly) then upon seeing me, letting out the cutest chuckle and proceeding on his way.
Miss Anything? hmmm…my exercise routine. I miss Jillian Michaels in my life. (I don’t care if you think I’m crazy-and yes, I did all 3 levels of her 30 Day Shred and LOVED it!)
Movement: LOTS of movements these days…somersaults, kicks, jabs, punches…this girl is gettin’ her groove on in there and particularly when I have eaten guacamole, blueberry pancakes, and chocolate.
Food cravings: more sour/lemony things still
Anything making you queasy or sick: not hardly-it’s been pretty good lately!
Labor Signs: Nope
Symptoms: NO short-term memory (always making notes to myself these days-should have stock in sticky notes!), some leg/muscle cramps
Belly Button in or out? in…but not for long because it is threatening to pop up!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy
Looking forward to: starting the 3rd Trimester!

Must share pregnant story: This is another from school…I figured by the time we returned from break that everyone (kiddos too) would pretty much figure out what was going on with my oh-so-growing belly. However, some are still absolutely clueless. Because of this, and because I want them to know soon, I have planned to bring in a “baby belly” picture on the Pre-K’s “B” Show’n’Share Day (approaching soon). Last week, I was teaching our Korean Language & Culture Class and had instructed all of the kids to do something, and was waiting for them to finish. I like to have them do some quiet action to signal me that they are ready to move forward so I had already used “put your hand on your head” and such. The first thing that came to mind was “rub your belly”. So there I stood in front of the whole group demonstrating and rubbing my baby belly! It crossed my mind as the majority began to rub their bellies and look up at me that they may just notice MY belly and the great idea of Show’n’Share be off the table.
However, one sweet girl simply said, “You have been eating a lot lately.”
It took every bit of self-control I had not to laugh hysterically (as I have been eating  a lot lately) and to complete our lesson and activity! I wanted to stop and explain right then that my belly really wasn’t that large just from eating a lot, but I also wanted to finish up our craft so I held it in a bit longer. We’ll see if they make it to Show’n’Share day!

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