Today officially marks my 2 year “blog-iversary”! Note: I have blogged since high school, but on this particular blog I am 2 years old. 🙂

Review of the last 2 years…

  • Mason and I both resigned from our jobs
  • We moved to South Korea
  • Mason and I both started new jobs
  • We celebrated 2 wedding anniversaries
  • Several family members have passed away
  • We found out that we were pregnant
  • We inherited a dog and a cat for the last year
  • My brother Michael lived with us for 6 months

I could probably keep listing and going on, but I’m just overwhelmed with how much God packs into what seems like such a short length of commitment.

2 years

24 months

104 weeks

730 days

We have learned so much in that time, been stretched through spiritual trials and earthly circumstances which felt as if we had no choice but to turned to the Lord for every bit of our provision, protection, and ability to continue moving forward in life.

I have had so many opportunities to be angry, bitter, selfish, and discontent.

These have all been mere temptations through which I know God has designed for me an opportunity to produce spiritual fruit.

I am choosing joy.


What do you think?

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