First Purchase

When we found out that God was blessing our family with a girl I was asked what my “first purchase” would be. I think if we were stateside I might have begun thrift shopping for a piece of furniture or decor to up-cycle into nursery fun, but the only thing I had my eye on was this cute maternity T-shirt.

"Sugar & Spice" Maternity Tshirt by discobelly on Etsy

You can check out discobelly’s shop with some other cute maternity T’s too!

I thought about purchasing it, but as of right now it’s too stinkin’ cold for t-shirts!!!

Needless to say, this adorable maternity T was not the first purchase.

Since Madeleine truly has no needs (or wants) right now, we had no intention of purchasing anything right now.

Then I found a coupon code…

for yet another great Etsy shop, For the Love of Joy, carrying something I really wanted for our kiddo…

Best part is that the coupon she was offering was for 50% off! SUH-WEET!

Madeleine’s first Christmas present & our first purchase for our girl! You’ll have to wait and see the final product in a few months.


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