Book Review: “Thank You, God, For Blessing Me”

Sweet Children’s Reader

Max Lucado packs delightful reflections on thanks for children to grasp as “Little Hermie” says his prayers in “Thank You, God, For Blessing Me”. This board-book is written in rhyme with easy-to-read wording and simple examples that any child will be able to relate to. From provision and friends to family and unique physical features, to the response God calls even the little child to have, Lucado truly directs the reader to a celebratory and content perspective. Even obedience to the Lord is taught in such a joy-filled manner that it is not a “task” but an “honor” to take part. Illustrations are bright and colorful, engaging for little ones. Obviously Lucado can communicate well with audiences of all ages!

I wish that I had requested a physical copy of this story for our future child to enjoy hands-on. I am eagerly searching for ways to incorporate biblical truths from a young age-thankfulness as an act of obedience to the Lord is vital to guiding young heart God-ward. I guess that I will have to find this in hard copy soon!


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