Review: “This is Your Brain in Love” by Earl Henslin

Earl Hensin presents a wonderful perspective on relationships in his book “This is Your Brain in Love: New Scientific Breakthroughs for a More Passionate and Emotionally Healthy Marriage.” Henslin takes the stance that if each individual is healthy, then the two together will have a “more passionate and emotionally healthy marriage.” He explains his message by examining the differing types of lovers, their unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as how the spouse of such a lover can better help and invest in their mate.

I was particularly interested in this book because of my background as a trained Biblical Counselor and especially intrigued by Henslin’s research based on Dr. Amen’s SPECT scans. I had used Dr. Amen’s SPECT scan research in a prior study regarding ADD/ADHD, and while I found his documentation limited in that regard, it was quite insightful paired with Henslin’s Christian perspective on marriage relationships! This book is definitely helpful for those ready to analyze themselves first (then their spouses) in order to better their marriage. Of course, Henslin recommends that one might pursue a SPECT scan in order to know their state best, and while I found that to be a stretch for most people, He still gives plenty of insight for any spouse to reflect upon and apply to their own scenario. I was very encouraged as I read the different “types of lovers” in which I felt my husband and myself best fit—it was refreshing in the areas we had already discovered and enlightening to see new wisdom that we could utilize. I was disappointed by the minimally Biblical basis for Henslin’s writing. Understandably, there are many Christian principles at play in all of his chapters, but for the most part Scripture was used as a bromide to dash on top of self analysis and exploration. By far the most beneficial part of this book was found in an appendix. Yes, in the appendix! This particular section was “New Hope: Men and Sexual Addiction”. Earl Henslin so clearly explained the literal process of how a sexual addiction occurs in the brain, the benefit of current brain research and optimal brain function in the treatment and counseling process of those fighting sexual addiction, and help for the wife of a man facing sexual addiction. This nugget alone is worth the price of this book!

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