Truths from Ann Voskamp Part I

I was able to catch the replay of a wonderful webcast recently where Lysa TerKeurst & Ann Voskamp spoke (titled: “Say Yes to God” <–catch it there while it’s still available). I was so challenged by Ann’s message that I had to share a piece of it with you here…be challenged!

“My lips may have said yes to God’s grace of a Messiah—

But have I said yes to God’s grace in this moment?

The laundry basket dumped in the mudroom…

The boys bickering…

The soup burning on the stove…

I may want Christ,

But to be crucified?

To sacrifice my time…

To give up my comfort…

To lay down what other people may think of me?

I may want to be rescued…

But do I want to be refined?

I may want to be in Christ…

But do I want to be inconvenienced?

My word to God,

It has been a divided word—

Both Yes & No.

And a heart divided against itself cannot stand.

She who lives with a forked tongue to God pierces her own heart.

I have known storms and I have not let peace birth in my heart.

The wind has blown hard and I have not been moved.

And every moment my inner heart is saying NO to the God of the universe—

I am saying YES to the enemy of my soul.

We are always saying YES to someone!

We are either saying YES to the Lord, or Lucipher.”


What do you think?

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