Budget Pantry Challenge Update

We completed a month of our Budget Pantry Challenge-YAY!


  • very limited eating out and only up to a certain KRW amount per month (means we have to be pretty picky)
  • allowance for coffee shops, convenience snacks, and whatever else we want
  • set grocery amount (drastically lower than what we have been spending so I took on the 2nd challenge)
Looking back, we did very well!
Goal: stay in budget and cook from the pantry…
  • We only ate out once (our trip to FL was excluded from this challenge) and spent only a third of our “eating out allowance”
  • Both Mason and I stayed in or under budget for personal stuff out, which is pretty impressive with the coaching, discipleship, mentoring, counseling, and just plain hanging out that we tend to do in coffee shops!
  • I spent less than 150,000 KRW on fresh items (milk, bread, fruits/veggies) and obviously cooked a lot. We tried a few new recipes most of which we actually enjoyed though they may have been a bit different for our usual meal plan.
Difficulties Difficulty (because there was really only one):
  • both of us working full-time jobs, coming home exhausted to have to cook and then do dishes.
How I conquered the coming home to cook…write out the meal plan on the handy whiteboard (or whatever works for your kitchen scheme). This allowed for me to change it at a moment’s notice, but gave me a guide for the week. Mason also got excited about certain dishes or made requests to switch meals around.
Great thing is, we still have bunches of meal supplies in the pantry and freezer-on to month 2!

2 thoughts on “Budget Pantry Challenge Update

  1. YAY! for the both of you. Sounds like you are heading in the right direction. I also find planning the meals is far easier than winging it at the last minute especially when you’ve had a long day. Blessings to you both and I hope your second month is just as successful if not more 🙂

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