“This is my happy birthday song, I’m singin’ it just for you!…”

If you know what that song is from, I guarantee you are smiling at least on the inside right now.

This is my birthday week and let’s see if I can celebrate a few highlights…

  • Full staff orientation (Yes, that was a great way to start my birthday week-truly!)
  • Getting to travel!
  • Visiting family-Mason’s momma met up with us in FL to visit
  • Disney Birthday!
  • Being sung to in Spanish while eating lunch in Mexico at Epcot! (not just “Happy Birthday” in Spanish, but a legit song that I couldn’t understand…Mason had to translate pieces for me) 🙂
  • Early birthday calls-Dad called today so I had an early birthday chat
  • First person to wish me happy birthday on my “technical” birthday-Michael!
  • Lots of friends around the world lighting up my Facebook notifications and messages-love celebrating my birthday over a 36 hour period! (best of both continents!)
Best part of my birthday so far-resting in peace from the Lord in knowing I am where He has me, content in the roles He has for me this year. Never easy, but so in love with my husband, seeking to serve my Lord as He sees fit.

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