Crafting: Hair Accessories

I am all about my fun hair accessories right now, especially since it is so ridiculously hot and humid right now. I have my hair up most days so I love having something cute and colorful to tie my outfit together. One a recent Myeong-dong shopping trip I snagged these cuties for 500KRWon each (50 cents-ish)!

I knew that I couldn’t make either of them (particularly looking that good) for that price so I was thrilled. Only downside is that they were attached to hair ties so I could only wear them when I had a pony, bun, etc. I knew I would get more use of them on alligator clips so I set to adapting them. Didn’t take much…and voila!

I even made them interchangeable so if I find more flowers or rosettes (or whatever) I can change out the clips by slipping them through the little loop! (same basic idea that this one has)


What do you think?

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