Decor Redo: Wall Help

Living in Korea requires creativity with decor…especially for those of us renting apartments.

Granted, I am blessed in that our apartment is rented from my parents so I have a little more freedom than most people feel. However, I keep it balanced and have only put 4 holes in the concrete walls so far! (That’s pretty good considering all of the picture frames I have hanging up! more on how I did that later…)

So, here’s the Decor dilemma: it’s not just about putting holes in the wall because we mainly have cement walls that you have to drill into,then use the special plastic grippy things…

give me a break, I’m a girl and learning, okay?

…which your screws then go into. That’s a lot of work and a permanent fixture-no room for error! The alternative is to attach something to the wallpaper. This would mean that whatever you hang up there has to be as light as a feather, and again permanent spot on the wallpaper, not to mention with this humidity not much actually sticks up there. whew!

My solutions…only hang those things that you ABSOLUTELY want hung, and only those things that can’t be hung any other way!

My awesome hubby was gracious enough to hang these puppies with me last Saturday. Sorry, no mid-way pictures b/c we were both hard at work!

showin’ the wall who’s boss!

no explanation necessary… 🙂

and the final product!

Best part…the shelves were FREE so we paid less than $3 for the hardware to hang them!





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