Crafting: T-Shirt Fabric Flower

Yet another Pinterest project! I was thrilled to up-cycle an old tank top that had shrunk in the wash so as soon as I had a free hour I set to making this sweet flower from Emily’s Little World tutorial.

It really was pretty easy like the tutorial said, although I scrapped my pattern after the first cutout and continued shaping the layers and cutting by hand. I ended up using glue and sewing some by hand to really get the petals to lay right, especially since I had a fabric that wanted to flop over.

Things I did differently:

  • didn’t have felt but had denim scraps-just cut a circle and substituted
  • made a loop for my clips to be interchangeable

And you had to see it in action…

Whatcha think?


4 thoughts on “Crafting: T-Shirt Fabric Flower

  1. Oh my! If only I was this creative or able to work putting things in my hair! Maybe someday I’ll be as awesome as you. Until then, KUDOS! It looks great!!

    • Oh, you could totally do it-both the making and the rocking in your hair! I and my friend Anna just act like we know what we’re doing and make it up as we go-it all works out in the end!

What do you think?

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