Fave: 4NE1 Nail Salon

I am a pedicure snob. No shame, it comes with the territory growing up in Korea and getting pedicures all the time. For years Best Nails (AKA-the purple place) in Songtan was my favorite. However, about 2 months ago I found out that Ha-ni, the “Chief”, basically the acting Manager, had left. I must say that my pedicure that day wasn’t as good as it had been for the last 8 years. Total bummer. However, at this point I did finally feel free to try some other locations without loyalty-guilt. You ladies know what I’m talking about…

Well, Lauren wanted to get a pedi before she headed stateside so we went to checkout 4NE1 Nails in Songtan (literally a stone’s throw from my old fave Best Nails). They fit us in during the last hour of their day which was great!

I received a wonderful pedicure from the young man who works there-probably in top 5 pedicures ever. Lauren also said hers was great as well. All the normal stuff: soaking, scrubbing, sloughing, trimming nails, great massage, etc. (if they had missed a step I would have been disappointed and felt like I wasn’t getting my moneys worth. They took their time, but also had us finished and out in a timely fashion. Another great thing-they have OPI colors, and I even tried the OPI Shatter this time.

So I know that the picture doesn’t show the beauty of my freshly pedicured toes, but that’s only a portion of how I rate a pedicure. Here’s the greatness of this picture…my pedicure is a month old! Oh, and I painted for 2 weeks in that month, and have exercised in running shoes. And they still look pretty good! When my pedicure lasts for 4 weeks I am one happy girl!

Salon Name:4NE1 Nails

Phone: 031-611-4211

2 thoughts on “Fave: 4NE1 Nail Salon

  1. That place is Terri Leo. Prices are too high. For a design they charge per toe when other nail salons charge by the pair. Got my eyebrows waxed there too and I don’t know what they did but tge wax peeled my skin.

    Even if your not happy with their pedicures or manicures they will still charge you. There are other places in Songtan that do a better job for the price. Employees are also RUDE!!!!

    • Sorry you had such a bad experience! The last time I went there in the Summer of 2012 I was very put off by the rudeness of their employees as well! They certainly have one of the cheapest mani-pedi combos in town (I think around $30), but to me it wasn’t worth going and being treated poorly. I would choose Best Nails up the street over them just about any day!

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