Budget Pantry Challenge

Starting August 1, Mason and I took on some budgeting adjustments and a pantry challenge. Here are a few high points:

  • very limited eating out and only up to a certain KRW amount per month (means we have to be pretty picky)
  • allowance for coffee shops, convenience snacks, and whatever else we want
  • set grocery amount (drastically lower than what we have been spending so I took on the 2nd challenge)
Pantry Challenge means that I am making a specific meal plan based on what we have on our shelves and in the freezer. The only things I will be shopping for will be perishables like fruit, vegetables, bread and milk. If we have money left we may get other small items to complete meals but after a few hours of pantry inventory and selecting meals, I think I have just about everything for 3 weeks of meals. I am thrilled to shop simply for the next 3 weeks before our trip to FL. We’ll see if I can make it!
Here was the first dinner we had: since Mason went to play racquetball with the guys I made myself a simple quesadilla with a leftover tortilla, some cheese I had in the freezer, black olives left from a recent recipe, and some kidney beans (the rest of the can will be used later this week).
This was easy for me but then I still had to have something for Mason when he got back, and he would be hungry! As I inventoried I found a packet of cornbread mix and remembered something I had re-pinned on Pinterest! These little guys turned out perfectly and made for a great leftover lunch too. Highly recommend them to others whose family likes corndogs-no special pan or sticks required!
Day 1: no money spent-YEAY!

2 thoughts on “Budget Pantry Challenge

    • Oh, Anna, it was so easy and they were super yummy! I even added some jalapeno juice to the batter to give them a kick. I think next time I will add chopped jalapenos since Mason likes the spiciness so much. 🙂

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