Ever since Michael left early in June Mason & I have been trying to give Random extra loves. She has mainly ignored us, hidden in Michael’s room, and occasionally mews for some attention (or when she wants fresh food). This week she was forced out of Michael’s room since we have guests (and she’s obviously not that social of a kitty anyhow). She has spent most of her days on top of our 3 wardrobes, but suddenly ventured under our bed 2 days ago. She even let me see her go under and come out, revealing her new favorite snoozing spot. Today, Mason achieved something we have been trying to get her to do for months…

Yes, that is Random laying *of her own free will* on our bed! <insert celebratory dance here..kittifulls is finally getting comfortable with us> It lasted all of 5 or 10 minutes until Pepper sniffed her out!


What do you think?

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