Crafting: Date Night Edition

Mason & I went on a wonderful date recently to one of our favorite spots in Songtan, our friend Kyoung-Mi’s shop Clay &. Mason had received several gift cards for her shop on his birthday last year and we finally decided how we should use them: to take a class together and create something! You won’t get to see the final result for another few months because our pieces will not be fired in her kiln until the Fall. (It’s just all too hot right now).

Here is a sneak peek at what we worked on…Mason chose an EXTRA LARGE cup for his coffee. 🙂

I chose to create a “Family Honor” plate to start a new Stanley family tradition! We will display this plate in our home, and whenever we have a special occasion to celebrate the key person (or persons) will get to use this plate when we eat. I’m so excited to start this tradition before we ever have kiddos. I hope that it will be as special to them as it is to us!

What special family traditions do you have?


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