It is just about time for a new school year at MBA and with all the shuffling going on at Mission Baptist for the upcoming VBS, I felt the need to adjust. I was certainly sick of my desk being in the same corner it has been for several months. In the process of moving I procured a bulletin board so that my reminders and treasures from students no longer have to be precariously scotch taped to the wall. I always hesitate to part with such sweet notes, pictures and gifts (especially when I am pictured or the child has laboriously penned my name), yet learned a long time ago that a picture will keep them far better than a box!

Here are 2 that have been on my wall this last year:

I have been blessed to invest in such sweet kiddos!

EDIT: I was just notified by WordPress that …dun, dun, dun!

I feel like this should be celebrated in some way…maybe for my 100th post! Suggestions?


What do you think?

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