Crafting: Cork Coasters

Since the heat and humidity of Korea is upon us, I have been constantly running for a paper towel to put under my cup, bowl, water bottle, etc. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not about saving the furniture. It’s more about the PUDDLE of condensation that builds up! I have brainstormed for weeks about an effective coaster.

  • Felt alone looks all too flannelgraph
  • Scrap fabric modpodged to tiles while cute are not useful to actually soak up the moisture
  • any other solid material…not gonna cut it!
So, I resolved to wait it out, and use more paper towels in the meantime. Just last week Mason took me on a date to AK Plaza in Pyeongtaek and we browsed through one of my favorite stores, Daiso. I nearly did a dance in the aisle when I spotted some pre-cut cork coasters! Even better-only 2,000 won for 6! Of course I snagged a pack and immediately began asking Mason what route I should take to craft them. Our decision: permanent markers and some time to doodle was all these guys needed. Well, since we only had black permanent markers in the house, I got to pick out some new ones today!
Since each one had 2 sides, I did 2 designs on each. And here’s the final product…inspired all the peacock related fabrics used in our living room!
Such an easy DIY and we now have absorbent coasters!

4 thoughts on “Crafting: Cork Coasters

    • Yes-I was loving it last night b/c I now have my MK/Craft room where I can spread my stuff out on the table and everything…have room for friends so let’s do it up!

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