Rave: Chocolate Sauce

Just a few days ago I was wanting to eat something sweet…
Chocolate is ALWAYS a good option, right?
We had some wheat rolls (like the incredible ones from Outback Steakhouse…only now they are available at our local Paris Baguette!!) and all I could think of for my snack was to dip my bread in chocolate sauce. *if you have not ordered Outback‘s chocolate sauce for your bread, you are missing out!

Anywho, I bopped around on the internet to see what I could find and came across this recipe for chocolate sauce. It turned out thicker and sweeter than Outback’s, but is quite yummy nonetheless. It has kept great in the fridge, and is DELISH on ice cream and strawberries. Oh, and great to dip pretzels in too!

What new yummys do you have to rave about?


2 thoughts on “Rave: Chocolate Sauce

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