“The rate of sanctification is completely variable.

We cannot predict how it will go.

Some people, during some seasons of life, leap and bound like gazelles…

For other people (and the same people, at another season of life) sanctification is a steady, measured walk.

You learn truth.

You learn to serve others constructively.

You build new disciplines.

You learn basic life wisdom.

You learn who God is, who you are, how life works.

You learn to worship, to pray, to give time, money, and caring.

And you grow steadily–wonder of wonders!

Other people (and the same people, at another season) trudge.

It’s hard going.

You limp.

You don’t seem to get very far very fast.

But if you’re trudging in the right direction, someday you will see him face to face, and you will be like him.

Some people crawl on their hands and knees.

Progress is painful…And then there are the times you aren’t even moving, stuck in gridlock, broken down–but you’re still facing in the right direction, beguiled by some false promise, or disappointed by a true promise that you falsely understood.

But he who began a good work in you awakens you from your sleepwalk, sooner or later, and puts you back on the path.

And then there are times you revolt, and do a face-plant in the muck, a swan dive into the abyss–but grace picks you up and washes you off again, and turns you back.

Slowly you get the point.

Perhaps then you leap and bound, or walk steadily, or trudge, or crawl, or face with greater hope in the right direction.”

David Powlison, “Making All Things New”


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