Konglish Driving

I spent half of my day today with Michael (my big-little brother) at the Yong-in Driver’s License Testing Site. Michael is now 20 by Korean age, so he is eligible for a Korean Driver’s license. What an adventurous day it turned out to be!
We were able to knock out the majority of the rigamarole by completing paperwork, eye exam, having pictures taken, and even sitting in a safety class! The main goal was for Michael to be able to take the written (or computer) test, so we succeeded in accomplishing that. Even though they had told us last Fall that he would not have to have any “study” time, they did make him (and me–I went along for the fun of it) sit in the 1 hour “Road Safety Class”. Quite interesting video they showed, and while it was educational, it was also presented in the style of a Korean talk show. If you do not understand the depth of that phrase, you need to do some research on Korean talk shows and then you will fully appreciate the hilarity of what we witnessed today. By the way, the class was free and every foreigner should see it just for the laughs! In this class we learned a few invaluable lessons:

  • “The road is alive.”
  • Korea is not only patriarchal, but “male chauvanistic” especially when it comes to driving…they want to know why women aren’t driving home to cook.
  • “Sleepers” are not appropriate footwear while driving.
  • Korea has “Hell’s Angel’s” too! They think that “green means ‘go’ and so does red!” Oh, and they ride mo-peds.

Gotta love Korean driving!


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