Gary Thomas likens the process of finding Christian rest and peace to the experience of baking a cake.

“There is no rest for those who initially come to Jesus but then
refuse to become like him

people—those who need to be noticed, appreciated, and praisedcan’t possibly find rest in a world full of slights.

people—those who want their own way, resent the failings of others, and expect everyone but them to act perfectly and never make a mistake—can’t possibly find rest in a fallen and broken world.

There is no rest for lawbreakers—such people must constantly look over their shoulders, wondering when they will finally be exposed or caught.

Just as withholding a very small ingredient in a recipe—baking powder or salt, for example—can doom the entire cake,

so resisting Jesus

on any front

will undercut the deliciousness of our rest.”

-Gary Thomas, Holy Available (pg. 227)


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