Warning Signs

Jenni Catron from Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN recently blogged about “Warning Signs” she has realized about herself. Her post prompted some self-reflection and time spent thinking about my own “warning signs”. I have many warning signs in my life.

When I am hungry…beware.

All functions cease to operate properly. No joke.

I can’t think.

I can’t communicate properly.

I am incredibly irritable and go directly into survival mode. Thanks to my friends John & Ferial, I have a new term for this… “hangry” (Thank you, friends!) 

That was a pretty easy one for me.

Now onto some of the harder ones…

If I am avoiding interaction with people, even just a basic “hi, how are you?” I have not had enough processing time. I need to be alone for a while.

When I am unable to keep focused even to complete a sentence in conversation, in blogging, or writing an email, I am too busy. There is so much going on that my brain is over-stimulated and just cannot keep up to produce communication.

We all have to keep a balance in life, and personally that means that I do tell people “no”.

Whether it’s “no, I can’t do that at all.”

Or “No, I can’t do that today—let’s schedule for another day.”

I have learned my limits in several areas and do my best to keep myself functioning at a sustainable rate in life. Yes, there are times when I can push through a long few days that are taxing on me physically, emotionally, or relationally, but when it comes down to it I have to quickly even back out or I end up frustrated with so many things that I actually enjoy in life!

What are your warning signs?


4 thoughts on “Warning Signs

    • Oh yeah, “hangry” has been around since birth; now I have a great term for it!

      Thanks for challenging me to think about it…realizing them is my first step to addressing them. That’s the vital point for anyone in ministry.

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