Painting Peacocks

So I have a thing for peacocks.

peacock feathers

peacock colors

i just go nuts over them!

So much that our living room revolves around a funky peacock theme that Mason so indulges me in since there are actually lots of manly colors incorporated (his favorites of green and brown).

I have been looking for some more wall decor ideas and stumbled across this print…

this cute little guy called to me!

However, I wasn’t willing to pay $30 for a decent size print, then have to frame it, etc.

So, I found an old canvas painting that no one loved anymore and decided to just paint over it!

I knew that I could take it and make it my own, customizing it to our setting with just a few tweaks.

Here’s what I came up with…

the finished product


a closer look

With Mason’s encouragement, and because I DROOL over a wrapped canvas, I continued the painting onto the sides of the canvas.

details continued on sides of canvas

I promise, this is the last picture for this post…

my favorite view of the painting

It felt so good to paint after not getting to for so long (umm…10-15 years).

Yeah, I think I need to do it more regularly.

What have you tried your hand at recently that you had not done in a LONG time (or ever)?


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