Beautiful Girl[s]

I love all of my sisters so much,

and each of them holds a special place in my life.

Myself, Melanie & Megan @ Megan & Sam’s Rehearsal Dinner

Just 5 years later…

Marla, Melanie & Megan on a "Sister Date" in Seoul last fall

MEGAN has been my best friend for years–the one I can always call on for random medical questions, the one who holds me accountable and challenges as well as encourages me! I love that we share our lives the way we do.

Megan, Matron of Honor at our (Mason's & my) wedding

 MEL is the one who let me dress her up and fix her hair, actually, she still lets me dress her up and do her hair! Haha! Mel is the one I love watching grow up, turning into the beautiful godly woman God longs for her to be. I look forward to seeing who God makes her, seeing the dreams He gives her.

Melanie & myself, Mel's 16th Birthday

MORGAN and I never really got to know each other. However, the few short days she was with our family taught each of us so much. I have learned better how to trust the Lord. I have learned that God uses painful, traumatic experiences to draw us near to Himself, to produce holiness in our lives, to ultimately bring Him glory—and if that is the ultimate goal, then it is worth it all. February 4, 2011 would be Morgan Elizabeth’s 20th birthday. I can’t help but stopping to think what a beautiful young lady she would be; yet, I love that I am still learning from her today.
Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!





4 thoughts on “Beautiful Girl[s]

  1. I am so humbled that God has blessed Jill’s and my life with four beautiful gemstones. Each of you reflect His glory in unique and astounding ways.

    I love each one of you, you are the joy of my heart.


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