Key to My Heart

The key to my heart is massage.

No joke.

Not chocolate.

Not makeup (though I am a Mary Kay Consultant and LOVE me some glamour!)

Not diamonds (I have 26 fine ones from my love, thank you).


Got it?

Mason does.

That’s why he has fully embraced the path to the key to my heart…


Yep, I have happy feet right now…wanna see?

Well, even if you don’t, I’m gonna show you!

10 Happy Toes


You know what makes this particular pedicure even better?

No, not the nail art (but it is nice).

I experienced this pedicure at my all-time favorite spa “Best Nails” in Songtan (AKA-“The Purple Place” as my family likes to call it.)

Amy was the sweet lady who spoiled me and worked extra hard on my “dee-jah-een”. 🙂

 I heart Korea.


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