Reflections: Christmas 2010

My Christmas was very different this year.

For the first time in 5 years I had Christmas with my family.

For the first time ever Mason & I shared Christmas with all of my immediate family…in Korea!

(though it didn’t feel as much like “home” as you may think it would have)

This Christmas brought with it much change: Megan & Sam left on the 26th of December for at least 18 months in the States.

Mason, Sam, Megan & I pulled an all-nighter Christmas Eve-Eve and soaked up some sibling friend time. You can’t orchestrate that—just enjoy it when it comes. Mason & I both miss them immensely already.

Mom, Dad, Mel & Mitch leave in a week for at least 11 months in the States. Michael will move in with us soon, along with the Pepper (the family Schn-orkie) & Random (the family Michael’s cat).

All of this was on my mind (sinking into my emotions) as we ate Christmas brunch together, read Luke’s account of the Christmas story, prayed together, and exchanged gifts. I chuckled to myself as we predominantly exchanged gift cards, certificates for mp3 audio books, etc. I realize that the family move was not the only reason for this…we live in a digital age and with teenagers being the youngest in the family, digital gifts are a no-brainer!

Still, Mason and I agreed that Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas. Why not?

We had the food, the pies, & gifts. What were we missing? Extravagance? Commercialism? The lack of change surrounding the holidays?

When I stopped to think about it, I was reminded that none of that has anything to do with Christmas. Christ’s birth had no extravagance, no commercialism, minimal celebration, and more change than any of us can imagine.

I’m thankful for a different Christmas, one that caused me to reflect on the reality of my own, as well as Christ’s purpose for this holy day—my life once again surrendered to His divine process of cultivating holiness.

How was your Christmas different this year?


2 thoughts on “Reflections: Christmas 2010

  1. Marla, loved your blog! I feel the same way. You are a very wise woman. Are you sure you are 25?? :>) I love the last line…my life onec again surrendered to His divine pocess of cultivating holiness. That’s my goal,too. Looking forward to working with you. God bless you and Mason

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