“If we don’t think about God, pray to God, listen for God’s voice, and consciously serve God, by definition we live an ungodly life. We usually think of ‘ungodly’ as being against God, but ungodly can also be a life that simply ignores God or—out of busyness, indifference, religiosity, or apathy—simply doesn’t tap in to God. In this sense, it is possible to give an ungodly sermon that may be theologically accurate. It is possible to lead ungodly family devotions that nevertheless focus on spiritual truth. Christianity doesn’t address only the ends; it has a lively interest in the means. That’s why every healthy, growing believer should experience God every day—his presence, his power, his wisdom.”    -Gary Thomas, Holy Available

After reading this several days ago, I can’t seem to chew on it long enough.

I want my life to be godly…  



One thought on “Ungodly

  1. What a profound quote! What a challenge! I have been wrestling with something-like-this idea for a little while also. The idea of living a life in CONSTANT prayer and/or thoughts of God. Can you imagine how our lives would be different if we lived in the continuous knowledge of Him and His Glory? Is it even humanly possible to live in this way in complete entirety?

    I’m so glad that someone else is thinking about these things. ^^ Thanks for your thoughts Marla. We should continue to discuss/spur one another on in this way.

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