“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

This is definitely the theme of our new home’s décor—taking what we have and can get here and creating something warm, inviting, and beautiful. Of course, with Mason and I combining our tastes, it will have a little funky, stylish fun too! I am thrilled that I have so many interesting projects ahead of me, even if it takes me a while to accomplish them all.

Here is the first I’m working on…the living room, along with  some of the fabric I have chosen for slipcovers, throw pillows, and color scheme.

I am stepping out into the sewing/crafting world and embracing a side of me that I have suppressed and simply dreamed about for a while now.

I have a pretty good idea, plan, and assistance for the new covers/upholstery.

Any suggestions for wall décor, etc.?

6 thoughts on “Décor-Redo

  1. Yay for home decor!! =) So where did you get the material? Kim at church was telling me about Happy Quilt, which I had read about somewhere else, too. Are there other fun fabric places?? And I might have to borrow you and/or this Karen chica to come help me out, too! This is my first time really getting to decorate and make-over an apartment, so I’m excited! But I don’t want it to be this huge mess of stuff that doesn’t work together, you know??

    • I got all of it at Happy Quilt! It was my first time there, and I was so thankful for the other ladies to help me narrow my choices. You should definitely go on Thursday if you can because they have their bargain stuff out. There are lots of places to find fabric elsewhere too! I’ll introduce you to Karen–she is so helpful and encouraging, and also for hire if you need stuff made in the process (not sure what kind of resources you have available to you).

  2. I love bargain stuff!! How do I get there?!? Teal Romsa thinks maybe the 7 bus goes there, but she’s not sure where to get on and off!.

    Course, I could be having this conversation on FB…

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