Continued Provision

Going through this time of faith stretching and discipline has helped me to focus on seeing God’s hand at work, and has truly emphasized the details that I otherwise may have missed in day to day.  Here are some of the larger provisions that the Lord has already granted us:

  • Partial Airfare to Korea (not entire, but a decent chunk to help us pay for the tickets!)
  • Travel Money for Pre-Field Orientation in June (traveling from VA to MS and on from there)
  • Rent in Korea (Yes, I said RENT!  Our income will go completely towards other expenses, savings, etc. and our rent will not be deducted from our paychecks!)
  • a job interview for Mason tomorrow!  Even part-time income would be so helpful to us during these last few weeks in TX.

Now, here are some other things the Lord has provided to us recently:

  • Free Boxes (I have access to tons of boxes being thrown out at the elementary school, and have brought home more boxes than we can even pack at this point!)
  • Storage space (Grandma’s are the best, and one of ours happens to be in Austin, TX, just a 3 hour drive from us in Keller.  She has plenty of storage space, and has graciously offered us a place to store our earthly junk.)
  • Cheap groceries (refer to Mason’s recent post about our change in spending.)

Today has been a surreal day for us and Mason’s family.  Mason’s maternal grandmother, Memaw, passed away this afternoon.  Memaw would be 90 this May, and lived a full life.  She was a sweet and beautiful lady who loved her family and spoiled each of us, even her “married-in” granddaughters.  She was a great mother and grandmother!  Here is God’s continued provision:

  • Memaw passed now, while Mason and I are still in the States.  This allows Mason to easily go be with his family.
  • Mason does not have a job right now, and has the freedom to visit VA!
  • We do not have the finances for Mason to fly to VA, but even that airfare has been provided for!

Wow.  I serve an awesome God, who coordinates every detail of life.  I love that, and thank Him for His continued provision.

What has been your continued provision from God?


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